Murphy bed

The cleverest way to have someone visiting while preserving space for daily living, this is what the authentic Murphy Wallbed is all about. It is the no compromise solution. Although no one would guess its existence during daytime, when the evening comes the Murphy concealable bed offers all the comfort you can wish for your guests.


The Classical model opens and closes vertically. Available in seven sizes.

When practicality is the key…

Thanks to an ingenious loop strapping system, the concealable bed closes without the need to remove the bedding. The bed legs automatically deploy at the opening and retract just as easily when you close the unit. In addition, the concealable bed can just as easily be opened and closed.

When built-in security is a must…

The Murphy concealable bed enjoys a spring loaded balancing mechanism that allows for positively secure lowering to the floor.


The horizontal model lowers and rises sideways. It allows you to deal with specific space constraints. Available in three sizes.

The authentic Murphy Wallbed : only benefits!

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